Parent Reminders

Below You'll Find Helpful Program Reminders & Upcoming Important Dates!


  • All Fall Gymnastics classes start on Tuesday, 9/5!
  • Monday Classes: Please call our office for makeup.


  • Remember Your Lunches! Please remember per state licensing, each child needs to have a packed lunch everyday with food from all food groups!
  • Call Line 2 if you wish to speak directly with a KidsClub staff member: (509) 698-5537.

  • We're headed to the Pumpkin Patch!

    • October 11th: The Strawberries class and the Oranges class at 9:45am

    • October 12th: The Limes class and the Apples class at 9:45am

    • October 13th: The Bananas class at 9:45am

    Parents are welcome to come join the fun! Each child will need $5.00 for entry and each child will take home a pumpkin. Please give the $5.00 to your child's teacher ahead of time. Parents are $5.00 for entry and also get a pumpkin.

    Parent, Child, Teacher conferences are as follows:

    • October 30th: The Strawberries class and the Bananas class

    • November 1st: The Apples class

    • November 2nd: The Oranges class and the Limes class

    There will be a sign up sheet posted by the sign in and out of times available to schedule your child's conference. If these times do not work with your schedule we can do an over the phone or you can schedule one during nap time with your child's teacher.

    October 31st is our Harvest party! This will be a costume friendly party from 9:00am-11:30am. Please keep any props at home. There will be a sign up sheet by the sign in and out book to bring an item for our party.

Morning Preschool

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